Friday, May 8, 2009

daily grind.

i haven't posted recently because, frankly, nothing has been going on. after a week in the hospital, we've been taking it easy, getting the house back in order and trying to get back in the swing of things.

and it's been raining. that nasty, drizzly grossness that means you can't do anything because it.never.stops. i got some laundry done yesterday before it started to pour and i hoped the downpour meant the end of the grossness, but it's gross again today.

i've scrubbed the house down. bleach and scrub brushes, the whole nine yards. i've only got one room left - samil's. i know it should have been the first room to be done, but i went in and cleaned up the toys and put things away, but there's some painting that needs to be done which requires scraping walls and i haven't really had the energy for that.

samil is running around like crazy. just now he came crawling, yes, crawling out of the bedroom chasing a car. and then he hopped on the bike and rode around the whole apartment and now is handing post cards to my student who just showed up. and since she just showed up, i'm going to cut this boring, boring post short.

have a great weekend and a good mother's day.


Melissa said...

Happy Mother's Day to YOU! :)

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