Saturday, May 16, 2009

spot cleaning...

in case you're new to the blog - my life has recently spun out of control. well, not really, but it's gotten complicated enough that i can justify having a cleaning person come in once a week and do the real work of scrubbing my kitchen and bathrooms and doing a good job of sweeping and mopping our all white, ceramic floors (aka: the bane of my existence).

throughout the week, i keep it up: dusting (dirt road, no screens on windows, dusting happens like every day), wiping down the bathroom and kitchen counters. you know, enough to hold us over until thursday when the cleaner comes back.

and seeing that i h.a.t.e. mopping our floors i tend to spot clean. you know, a damp mop to the dirty spots? spilled juice? wet mop, some disinfectant, voila, good as new. i do sweep a lot (dirt road, remember?) but spot cleaning is the way to go with the mopping.

it, apparently, baffles my brother-in-law that i don't mop the entire floor everyday since it can get kind of gross. and i promise, when it's really bad, i do break out the bucket. but. doing that ten times a day could break my back. or something.

so he says to me yesterday, "what do you call this kind of cleaning?" i try to teach him english words if they're easier than explaining something in spanish. so i tell him, in english, "spot cleaning." and i explain what that means. and that i'm lazy. and that he shouldn't judge. so he tries a few times to spit the words out. gets confused, looks at me really seriously.

and says.

"is that what you call what you do to samil instead of giving him a bath?"

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Erin said...

OMG! That's the funniest thing I've heard all day! Thanks for the laugh!