Friday, May 15, 2009

this so called swine killer...

so i had written this long post, and i thought it was saved as a draft. but along came a little finger, a really little finger that likes to press the off button on any computer it sees. i guess the finger got to the button before the post had saved.

point was, i had taken that little finger and the little boy who posseses said finger to the clinic yesterday to get the clean bill of health. i mean, the diarrhea has finally stopped - and besides a inexplicable late night crying jag (complete with cold sweats, uncontrollable wailing and flailing of arms and legs) two nights ago, the kid is 120% better. it's like a week in the clinic boosted his development and he's now gone from kind of liking matchbox cars to spending hours putting them in lines, organizing by colors and shapes, pushing them around (beep beep!) and, when finished, guarding them safely in his bicycle seat.

i haven't been paying too much attention to the news lately but the little bit of blog browsing i've been able to do tells me that swine flu is still whoring itself to the media. schools are closed, gas mask sales are up... disgusting mess. imagine, then, my surprise when the only thing i saw in the clinic was a half of a page of paper explaining how the virus works. in the emergency room. kind of a side note to all of the people suffering from something real and gross. a very small, insignificant note.

supposedly this virus is the warped and perverted cousin of the aviar bird flu. you know, the flu that just a year ago was going to kill us all, though not as horribly as the pork flu. maybe it has to do with the fact that we like chickens and pigs are dirty and gross. i have to tell you, though, i didn't understand the hysteria with the bird flu and i'm not really getting the pork bug either.

i think it's because i saw the nastiness that was the bird flu. as it affected the birds. and how on my father-in-laws farm, we lost about 75 chickens when their heads turned blue and they dropped dead but not one person in the entire campo got sick even though the poultry loss was immense.

so. i think the flu is just a scam. i don't doubt people in mexico have died. but remember that medical care there isn't the same and the media is not nearly as sensational. in fact, it wasn't until the cdc got involved that things exploded. so, i'm not worried.

this little cold i've got? if i die next week, you'll know what happened. i guess that's what happens to skeptics.

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