Friday, May 22, 2009

in case you were wondering...

what happened to potty training?

i mentioned it awhile back. that we finally bought samil a potty-chair and were going to half-heartedly begin training. really?

who does that?

i thought it was going to be difficult. complicated. boys learn later. samil is still so young and he doesn't talk, so who knows what's going on in that mind of his. and frankly, i'm just busy and tired and figured it would take a lot of effort on my part.

but then... well, samil learned to take off his own diaper. and open the bathroom door. he doesn't necessarily do what's he supposed to do in the bathroom, but he gets it. he wakes up, takes of his diaper and sits on the potty. gets up, washes his hands, dries them and goes on with his day. naked. well, sometimes he wears a shirt. or jumper. but mostly, he's naked.

if i'm diligent about getting him to the potty on a regular basis he'll pee on it. today he pooped. he loves it. and now he wants to stand up to pee. already. which would be okay, except that he wants to pee in the big boy toilet. which is a little difficult since he is only two feet tall. (i really have no clue how tall he is, i just know it's not tall enough to pee standing up).

so now that he's all about this bathroom thing, i'm hoping that the case of diapers my mom sent (and 1/3 of was devoured during the recent hospital stay) is the last real purchase of diapers for samil we'll be making.

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Erin said...

Maybe the secret to potty training is to not push your child to do it. Either that, or Samil is just a genious! Eather way, you're doing something right! :)