Tuesday, May 12, 2009


twenty-seven is not such a milestone birthday, but birthday it is.
a new year, new dreams, new opportunities.
i'm excited for what twenty-seven brings. more time to spend with family, friends. more love for my son. more goals, more experiences.
i cancelled a class today and had another cancel on me so i've been helping samil clean his room and wipe his toys down. mostly, he dumps boxes and i put them away. but organization is key with all.of.the.stuff. he's got in his room and after our trip to the hospital, we could keep clorox wipes in circulation f.o.r.e.v.e.r. and after our work this morning, we're that much closer to having a livable room.

now, i'm going to eat my birthday icecream and head for a nap!


Erin said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Buki Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! your bday is a day after my mama's.

Anonymous said...

Howdy! I just stumbled upon your site today. I read the whole thing! It's great! Keep writing; keep entertaining me ;) !


Anonymous said...

Oh and happy belated birthday!