Tuesday, January 12, 2010

best names EVER.

in school people used to try to top outrageous names they've heard. of course there were the urban legend names: orangejello and lemonjello for some baby twins... but even the real names could get extreme.

of course i l.o.v.e. that dominicans have some strange names. like the girl named Mileidy (me lady... quite chivalrous, right?) and the boy i met in the capitol named frangipani (who also happened to be my middle school principal).

amalio's stepbrother has a baby with a girl who first two children are named Hansel and Gretel (no lie!).

and now, we've spent quite a few evenings digitizing amalio's school records and i was reminded of my two favorite names EVER:

Marlon Brandow

and... wait for it...

JAINY (pronounced HINEY, when samil met him and he said his name was Jainy, samil pointed to his butt and told everyone "Poopy!")

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