Monday, January 11, 2010

why this global warming crap pisses me off.

this week we looked at six. no. seven houses to move into. all completely rentable. in our price range, cute. big enough and with backyards.

all with total water issues.

which is why we need to move in the first place. mostly, i like where we live. it's quiet and safe and my apartment is cute. but our water is crazy. sometimes we've got it and sometimes we don't. in the summer, we went quite a while filling up buckets to do anything. and while it's gotten better (it's the rainy season) it seems the problem is way more widespread than just our apartments like we thought.

i talk to my friends in the states, even in europe and, no offense friends, but it ticks me off that being "green" is trendy. and cool. and hip. and that people are making off of it.

politicians spout off at the mouth about the global implications. some future b.s. of what could possibly maybe someday happen. but it's not someday. it's NOW. and it's affecting so many people. so many people who can't afford to even think about buying their water in a nice, fancy, one-time-use plastic bottle. and to people who don't really worry about using plastic bags, because they're more concerned with finding something to eat.

but it's not really about global warming. or about politics. or about being trendy. it's about being good stewards of the gifts we've been given.

like water.

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