Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"hoarders" scared me straight.

i have some confessions to make.

i have a leadfoot when i drive, i drink from the water jug, i don't clean the stove when i finish cooking all the time. and. i'm a packrat.

not really a packrat. i just don't like to throw things away.

but then. then i saw an episode of hoarders and my future-life as a cat-loving widow flashed before my eyes. piles and piles of nothing surrounding me because maybe, just maybe someday i would need it.

and me. i'm not the one for new year's resolutions but i made one. and only one. de-hoard my house.

most of what needed to be gotten rid of was hidden in closets and drawers ready to be donated. but there's the catch. and my excuse. there is no amvets, no salvation army to donate to. i can't just load up the car and drop my junk off to someone else. and i feel real bad throwing it in the dump.

i sucked it up and spent the better parts of the past two days in the living room, dining room and kitchen of my house. six full garbage bags later i feel lighter, like if i had to pack up and move tomorrow i wouldn't be toting around stuff we don't need. i'm sure there's still too much junk here, but baby steps. and, i promise myself you'll never see me on that horrid, horrid show.


Buki Family said...

just wondering if you ever got that puzzle

Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................

Erin said...

Hi! Would you be willing to email with an American thinking of moving there with kids? Please?? If so, please let me know. Thanks!