Monday, January 25, 2010

true or twisted love.

let me be sincere.

i devoured the twilight books. their low reading level and easy to follow plot made it a perfect fast read. not to mention, it's an intriguing story.


i don't get it.

sparkly vampires? a personality-less girl next door? rainy, wet town? fast cars? werewolves? really? this is what we find interesting? i mean, i guess it is. i was fascinated.

but had this book come out ten years from now when amely is 11, she wouldn't read it. why would i allow her to read something that promotes most of what we are trying to discourage in romantic relationships.

am i the only one who thinks it's strange that edward is always watching bella? like even when she's not aware of it? or that he controls everything she does - drives her to school, makes plans for her future, decides who she can and can not be friends with.

and, well, bella. what does she have that makes her so damn appealing? she's cute. she's the new girl in town. and, apparently, she smells good. but she has no personality. does whatever edward says. lies to her parents. sneaks out at night.

i'm sure i'm the only person in the world. at least the only female. who doesn't get it. the phenomenon is c.r.a.z.y.

i'm sure something crazier will come out by the time i have to deal with a tweenager in angst over some silly boy. at least i've got ten years to figure out what to do about it.


Erin said...

There are definitely parts of the books that annoy me... most importantly was the fact that they feel crazy head-over-heals in love so quickly. But... there IS more to the Twilight Saga than just a love story. I was captivated by Edward's internal conflict. He didn't choose to become a vampire, and he resented the fact that he was one. And because he didn't want it for himself, he certainly didn't want it for his love. Yet, Bella wanted nothing more.

And then there's the whole Romeo and Juliet part... I'm not going to lie, I LOVE the series!

melanie. said...

erin, i like the book, too. but i just don't get the attraction between the TWO of them. she's so deeply in love with this guy, so much so that she is lying to her parents, giving up all of her other friendships, doing ridiculous things... i mean, i get you about the strong love, but do you want a man who watches every.little.thing you do even when you're not aware? and tells you what to do? and how to do it? i don't know. i like the books, i just do get the obsession