Thursday, January 28, 2010


we've been looking to move for awhile. the water situation, the neighbor's association, crazy neighbors... it takes its toll after awhile.

but we've got this problem where i work from home and amalio works half way across the city. and if we move further from his work his head might spin around and around until it explodes during rush hour one day. and if we move too far away from where we are now, i lose my work - and my income.

we pay an incredibly small rent on our apartment - only 500 pesos more than when we moved in four years ago. it's unheard of. and i guess we should have figured it wouldn't last forever.

the owners of our apartment came today to tell us they'd like their apartment back. they're not sure if they're going to sell or if they're going to move their two spinster sisters in, but the point is, we need to kick it into gear and find a place that is suitable for both of us.

i'm really not all that picky - it needs to be a safe neighborhood, preferably fairly close to where we are now, with good (comparably) water service and electricity. i'd like a house, or an apartment in a duplex with a little backyard, but apartments don't bother me if they have a balcony. oh, and we can't pay too much more than what we're already paying, especially since who knows what will happen with my students depending on where we move.

all of this with the expense of the busted up rav-4, our babysitter's brother passing away and the kids being a little under the weather has me on edge. hopefully we'll find a place soon to take that weight off our shoulders!

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