Tuesday, January 17, 2012

on why we don´t have internet.

we moved about two years ago. from a nice apartment in a cute complex, with absolutely horrible problem · we almost never had running water. when we made lists of the pros and cons, the list for the pros was incredibly long · good neighbors, safe place, solid construction, convenient location. but that one con (there were others, but they´re trivial) was so big that we needed to get out.

one of the things that went with the apartment was a constant, lovely internet connection.
our neighbors had opened their connection to us, and we had a nice setup going on.
but, i spent a lot of time on the internet. time that could be better spent doing things like spending time with my family, planning classes, going places, forming real relationships. amalio also really liked the internet. and sometimes we fought over the laptop.

that was not cool.

so, when we moved, we discussed what to do. we decided not to get an internet connection in the house for awhile. we didn´t really rule it out forever, but we weren´t making any commitments yet. in the fall, we revisited the internet idea. we need to change our cable company (they´ve gotten rid of all of the channels we originally signed on for · and i know that sounds ridiculous, but i need to find english for my kids where i can get it) and we looked into bundle packages.

but, we sat down and talked about it and for so many reasons we´ve decided not to do it. not yet. because i have internet at work (usually it´s constant, but recently there have been some problems, hence my absence on this blog!) and amalio does as well. we have a set up to get internet in the house when we need it. (3G connections are sublime)

we´ve decided that this year we´re going to be more intentional about the time we spend together · we´re both working a lot and so the time we have with the kids needs to be quality. it needs to be not consumed by surfing the internet and playing on facebook. because, if we actually used the internet for something useful, we´d have internet already.

it´s hard. there are so many times that i want to sit down at the computer and plan my classes, download stuff for the kids, find activities, read gossip, catch up with friends. but in the end, this is about living life today and not wasting time with things suck so much time away from me.

i´ll be back on here more regularly as soon as they fix the problem on the work computers, with pictures and anecdotes and tons of fun. miss you.

on a side note, i´m looking for people to skype with my students · we´d send you a list of questions beforehand, and just open up the conversation about living where you live, lifestyle and employment stuff. let me know if that´s something that´s interesting and we´ll see if we can work it out!

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