Thursday, January 26, 2012

reason #243

this may sound super simple to some, but one of the many reasons that i love raising my kids in this country is that they don't take things for granted. (this is not a social commentary, it's about my family and how we work... i know there are kids in the states who don't take everything for granted and are grateful for simple wonders. we have worked hard and intentionally to try to instill certain things in our kids, and that's what's important to us.)
we don't frequent too many places with blow-driers in the bathrooms, but one of the supermarkets has one of the new, high-speed/low-heat models. o.m.g.
the kids went crazy and stood under that thing for e.v.e.r. 
i love that they appreciate those small things because they are not bombarded by it all.the.time.

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Jaimewayme said...

That's awesome! Too many spoiled brats take too much for granted. I think that's what's wrong with kids nowadays. Throw the little 12 yr old with 3 pairs if Uggs and an I-phone into a soup kitchen for a day and see what they think at the end if the day... Some of them need a reality check.