Saturday, January 21, 2012

there's a what in that bag?

i'm sitting here, trying to catch up on this blog - and the internet is being ridiculous. fun.

i've been taking pictures like crazy. i'm sure people on public transit think i'm a nut case with my phone out, snapping pictures away of things that, for us, are normal. they're all saved in my phone, and because it's such a pain to take my phone apart to get to the memory chip, they've been sitting there for awhile.

i laughed when i pulled these pictures up, and it took me a minute to realize what it was. a little blurry, and completely unrecognizable to anyone who wasn't there. in a car. smashed in the backseat with three others. this guy gets in, carrying a bunch of sacks. 4 fabric sacks and one rice sack make from plastic. and they're moving. it's not the first time i've encountered this - mostly though, it's on a bus and not in the back of a toyota corolla.

they're cocks in those bags, and the guy was headed to the gallera to, i assume, fight them. the plastic sack had two (if my memory serves) hens in it.

luckily, we weren't in the car for two long with the birds. we got out about a block after they got in - they were well behaved and had it not been for the wiggling, or the hilarious conversation with the driver, i might not have even noticed.

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