Tuesday, January 24, 2012

this is why we discourage using the ladder.

i used to spend a lot more time working with short-term missions groups and other foreign do-gooders in the country. it's something i really enjoy, but just don't really have time to dedicate to anymore what with working a real job and kids and my own philanthropy (or let me be less pretentious and say "things i do that make me feel good about myself).
whenever i work with construction groups, or even groups where a ladder might be present, i give a what seems to be a funny lecture. anything that needs height added to YOU, find a dominican to do it. DO NOT GET ON A LADDER. mostly it has to do with insurance claims and a history of coverage problems stemming from "not-proper" laddering. (i know, insurance companies come up with crazy terminology). 
when there are no ladders, there has to be some creativity, and, well... sometimes that creativity might look shifty to an insurance guy.
this guy needed to get that piece of white cloth down from a light fixture. he and his friends looked around for a few minutes, tugged at the cloth and then decided to improvise. not a bad idea, at all, especially with the boss breathing down your back to get those wedding decorations out of my rancho tipico restaurant before the tourists find somewhere more... typical.
the guys stack up two tables, look up and realize it's not tall enough. another table might be uncomfortable to climb on... so we'll add a very un-study white chair and then send up the skinniest guy.
he got it down and nobody died. thankfully, insurance men could have had a field day writing  letters about why they just really couldn't cover the accident!


Jaimewayme said...

I refuse to stand on anything to reach up high, I don't have a Dominican but I have a Puerto Rican, and he gets the job done! Lol

AliciaCC said...

I hate ladders am so afraid of heights it is not funny. So, I get a German to do it... my hubby lol