Monday, January 30, 2012


i don't tend to make new year's resolutions - and when i do, it's almost never at the beginning of the year.
i had some ideas of what i'd like to accomplish this two thousand and twelve - but just the other day, i kind of formalized my list.

it's a mixed list - because i have some things i'd like to change (about my bad habits!) but, i'll be 30 this year, and i've decided this is a year of celebration, so some of my goals are celebration oriented (i'll talk about those in another post).

-stop biting my nails. i've bitten my nails for as long as i can remember and it's a dirty, nasty habit. one day i looked at my hands and realized how gross they were. before i left philly, my friend heather took me for a manicure and they looked so nice that i decided i needed to stop for good. it's been three weeks and so far, so good.

- healthier snacks. my kids eat a lot of junk. so do i. so, my goal is to change the way we do snacks in the house. more fruits and veggies (i live in a tropical paradise, afterall, and produce is super cheap) and less potato chips.

- more bible. i love jesus. and i used to read the bible a lot. i haven't been reading too much recently, and i can feel the difference in my relationship with him. so, i'm going to dedicate more time in the word.

those are my three habit-changers this year. i try to keep it simple and straight forward - i'm not making any goals that are impossible or crazy. so hopefully, i'll  be able to meet these and next year (or next month) we'll get some new goals!

do you have any goals  this year?

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Jennifer Larancuent said...

I stopped biting my nails about a year ago - I'm constantly filing them instead because they break so easily atfer all those years of biting them. It keeps me from biting them too :)

I never do resolutions, but I promised mysel to take more time for my family and friends, since we'll be moving by the end of the year.

I should start with healthier snack for myself, something I've said for years now, but I keep failing - I think that will be easier in the DR, fruit and veggies don't taste a lot here...