Wednesday, November 28, 2012

are we there yet?

this has been a crazy past few months. new job, old job, new projects, old commitments. at one point i bit off more than i could chew, and had to re-evaluate.

in fact, i think i'll be in constant re-evaluation. what is too much? what is not enough?

now, this first semester is winding down... and in sheer craziness, i signed up for more classes at the university next semester (because i think... maybe... i'm ready to jump into that? for a semester? maybe?)

i'm preparing a ton of materials in hopes to kind of swim through the semester instead of doggy paddling along. and it's made my past few days kind of hectic in my mind.

not in my real life because i've just been pre-planning all the stuff i'm supposed to do. not actually doing it. and tomorrow i plan to dive in and get it going.

and all i keep thinking is.... are we at christmas vacation yet?

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