Friday, November 23, 2012

hitting the wall

i spent a good chunk of my morning in this hospital today.

and i'd like to reiterate here how horrible the public health conditions are.

i avoid public hospitals when i can – not because of the doctors, but visiting is just an exercise in futility. this morning we took a student for a fairly routine visit, but every where we turned we hit a brick wall. first stop, emergency room to get a referral.

i’m sorry, we can’t do that. you’ll need to go to pediatrics.

there are no appointments left today, you’ll need to come back on monday.

look lady, this is kind of urgent. could you please just indicate the analysis that she’ll need? maybe some medicine? something?

no, ma’am, you’ll need to go the pediatrician.

i don’t really know how we did it, but we got the indication for analysis and headed up to the pediatricians. after arguing with the secretary about why we needed to see the pediatrician – eventhough she was “full” – we got permission to “talk to the doctor” to see if she’d made an exception…. except when we made it to the doctor’s door, she had already gone home for the day. nice. and no doctors were available for the afternoon, either.

they drew some blood and did the obligatory pee test (had they given her an iv drip, the visit would have been complete!) and sent us on our way, ready to see the doctor on monday, test results in hand. we head to the pharmacy only to find they have nothing that was prescribed.

we spent two hours in the hospital and accomplished nothing.

sometimes it’s like that. hurry up to wait. break through the red tape just to get held back by something else. luckily we don’t have to do this every day.

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