Monday, November 12, 2012

the menagerie.

it's no secret that my husband loves animals. and plants.
i think that the last seven years, stuck living in a third floor apartment sucked life out of him.
we joke about how the day after the big move, the house was filled with stacks of boxes, but all of the plants from the apartment were already lovingly planted in the backyard.
it wasn't more than ten days when henry and mickey came to live with us - and two japanese chickens that flew away (or were stolen) within the first 24 hours. the morning doves we had in the apartment came along, and soon we had a little dog, pongo, as well.

mickey the hen dropped some eggs within the first month, but they weren't viable and never hatched. when she started dropping eggs this time, amalio ran to the campo and picked up some that were sure to hatch.
he claims that mickey was depressed because she lost the last batch and didn't want her to be disappointed again. (i am not kidding).
welcome to the zoo, henny penny (yellow - and รค girl"according to amely), bambi and brownie.
up next? a rabbit for samil.

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