Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the wicked witch returns.

remember when i first told you about the wicked witch? i almost peed my pants trying to hold in my laughter... but over the past few months, i've confronted beliefs that scare me. the absolute lack of light in some of the things i've seen and heard hurt my heart. so i'm always trying to infuse some humor into my days.

this morning, as i stood welcoming students and speaking to our doorman, i noticed the local witch standing across the baseball field - she usually walks her granddaughter just far enough and then watches her until she reaches school. i waved, eventhough she wasn't looking in our direction.

a mom standing at the door says, "she can't see you. she's probably flying".

um, excuse me?

"yeah, she's probably flying."

but she's standing right there, i can see her.

"no no, she leaves her body while she's flying. it's her soul that floats around."

ok. so, does that mean she doesn't really need a broom to fly?

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