Thursday, October 30, 2008

and while i'm at it...

i've heard from a few people - in philly, in chicago, and in some other largely african-american cities - that if obama doesn't win we're going to see some rioting, a la rodney king.

obviously the people with these ideas are white.


do you really think that the entire african-american population is so stupid? so unrational? that there will be RIOTS because a black man doesn't win? really?

barack is also supported by millions. yes, millions of white folk as well. latinos. asians. so why. why in the world would we just look to one part of the barack-loving population to cause violence?

this is what i hate about this election. it's what i hate about america. that everything still revolves around race. oh, it's hidden. it's hidden real good. but it's still there, make no mistake. white people hate black people. black people hate white people. white people hate latinos. latinos hate black people. black people hate latinos.

and the circle goes on and on...

i'm just scared it's never going to change. no matter who is president.


Melissa said...

Preach it. And for those who think racism doesn't run rampant in this country, let me tell you about some of the conversations I had a few weeks ago that nearly caused my jaw to come unhinged. It is unbelievable what some people find to be rational thinking. And for the record, I think more people will move to Canada than will riot.

Erin said...

Amen! I think you will like one of my recent posts about race. Check it out!