Monday, October 27, 2008

ch-ch-ch changes...

it's been a few days since my last posting, but no worries. everything is fine here.

we've been making some changes around the house, the business and just doing some in general cobweb cleaning of routines and such. moved some furniture, organized the closets... revisited the idea of painting our room a million times.

the big change?

we've decided that samil is going to go to daycare a day a week. ::gasp:: it's a hard decision, but one a necessary one for a ton of reasons. now, the reason i haven't been back to work fulltime is because of this daycare situation and actually finding a place we like and agree with philosophically has been quite difficult.

i posted about it before, i think. i don't believe the children in "school" before the age of four are any more intelligent, any more stimulated, any more creative than kids who enter school in kindergarten. and in this country there is a school frenzy. it's kind of counter-cultural to the "who cares about education" mentality, but it exists none the less. "pre-schools" offering classes to 1 year olds exist. they sit the kids at a table, give them a crayon and mostly stifle any creativity that might have blossomed in the potential educational environment. there are few schools that actually understand the way children learn - through play and pretend - and most that do are SUPER expensive.

but. that said. we'd not been able to find a daycare. school, yes. a stimulating, fun area with responsible adults and no classes? not so easy to find. however, we did the impossible and found one. with a nice owner who is understanding to our situation, won't charge us a month's "tuition" (for lack of a better word) for 4 days and is 100% daycare. not school.

we need samil to learn to socialize with other kids his age. he's great with adults and older toddlers, but not so good with other babies. i also need time to clean the house, because as samil gets older it gets harder to do everything i need to do, plan for my classes, run the business and keep him entertained. and in this sliding economy i'm not really able to give up any of my classes at least until after christmas when we've got some money stashed in the bank.

so. he starts next week, hopefully. i've got to go back and check the place out one more time before we make anything final, but i'll be sure to keep you all updated how things go.


SWC said...

Hi, good luck to Samil at the new school. Isn't it crazy that pre-schools charge so much money? Here in Hong Kong there is so much pressure to put your child in school starting at the age of two. My guess is that by the time they are in the third grade they are burnt out, bitter, chain smoking thugs.

At least I was.

be well.

Carina said...

Hi, nice to have you back again:)I hope everything works out well for you and little Samil.