Monday, October 20, 2008

clothes pin crisis.

we hang out clothes to dry for two reasons: one, we don't have a dryer. but two, even if we did, it's hot here all year long, and sun dried clothes are delicious. (yes, that's right, delicious.)

you might know that we live in an apartment. you might know that our neighbors have a crazy cleaninglady/nanny. and the entire apartment building has the right to hang clothes on the roof. there are about 15 clothes lines - supposedly enough for at least a few families to do their laundry at once, right?

well, when crazy nanny washes she takes over the whole roof. we still havent' figured out how. both neighbors AND their daughter wear uniforms all day. and mostly the re-use the same clothes in the afternoons for at least two days. people, underwear does not take up that much space!

instead of changing the sheets - replacing the dirty with different, clean sheets - she takes the sheets and washes them. every OTHER day. and the comforters. and the curtains. i really don't know why. it's kind of wasteful, but she's not my employee so i don't really get into it.

but. yesterday amalio did laundry. a lot of laundry. like everything i haven't washed in a week and a half. and sheets. and the comforter. and samils bedstuff, too. now, we just bought clothespins LAST WEEKEND. 75 of them.

somehow, he ran out of pins. i don't know, on top of the 75 new pins we had quite a few old ones.

so he goes to the neighbors and asks to borrow some of their pins. she pulls out her little gallon jug of pins only to find out she's got about 20 left. from a jug that was full about two weeks ago.
next neighbor. same problem.

apparently we have a clothespin thief. i don't want to point fingers, but i'm pretty sure it's the crazy nanny. why?

because she's a nut.


SWC said...

Okay, in a past life I think I was a private eye and I say that if the butler didn't do it, it had to be the crazy nanny.

Thanks for following my blog. I am super honored.

Carina said...

Hi there Melanie
I,m one of those following your blog. You havent been writing for some time and I just hope everything is allright with you. Long to hear more about your daily life.