Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a break from the writing marathon.

i've been really wordy lately and have a few more wordy posts lined up here.

i know there are a lot of half-readers out there... and a lot of people just looking for pictures of the babe. but i never expected such a response from the lengthy posts i've recently published.

but, just to break the words up - put some more white space on the page and give your reading
eyes a little break. some pictures.

when samil was born, i was so good at taking pictures all.the.time. in fact, we have so many pictures it'd be insane to even think about printing them all. and even then, they used to be all so neatly organized by month on my computer.
i took this picture about three weeks ago, messed around with it and am still concerned that you can see the grossness in the background that is our un-cauked where ceramic meets tub nastiness of a shower.
apparently i had the camera in the bathroom for awhile longer than i thought. it's the easiest place to get good pictures of samil because there is relatively little space for him to run away. i mean, he can't play in the running water and hide his face forever!
i have a thing for babies feet.

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