Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i know what i said...

i'm completely aware that i said i was done with politics after my post a few weeks ago. i'm sorry. but i'm a little pist off about the attacking that's going on -on both sides.

but ... i expect it from uneducated, immature idiots. people with some (highschool?) education, a little bit of life experience and some sense of respect for others should be able to discuss the upcoming election in a civil manner.

can't we just trust that people can make their own decision instead of jumping down their throats? i don't really care if sarah palin is ugly stupid just because you tell me so. i want some informed information about the situation. not lies. not mudslinging. not pure petty, childish, bullsh*t.

so. i think i might have to unplug the tv and internet until wednesday morning and just hope for the best.

that all said. i already voted.


Icculus124 said...

who'd you vote for??
i'm getting tired of being told i'm wrong for voting who i'm voting for by a certain someone. it can't understand why i wouldn't agree with him and just tries to cram his opinion down my throat constantly.

simplicity said...

I agree with you. I would love to not hear another word about the election until next Wed morning. And I'd really like if my phone would stop ringing with opinion surveys/polls on who we'll be supporting. Blah! Who really has time for all that anyway?