Tuesday, February 24, 2009

cleanin' house.

i mentioned in my last post that samil is a helper. he likes to help with the laundry, with sweeping and putting away his toys. he throws his trash in the can and if he sees trash on the floor, picks it up to throw it out. when he's finished eating, he doesn't start to throw his food on the floor (yet, though someday i anticipate the horror) instead he picks up his mess on the table, puts it on his plate and hands his plate to the nearest adult.

yesterday i decided it was finally time to clean house. it had been passed over and passed over and passed over until i just couldn't handle it anymore.

samil and i passed the morning sweeping, mopping, putting away toys (in their proper places, god forbid the little people go in his train box!) and doing laundry. i have to get the bathrooms scrubbed but that's actually the least time-consuming cleaning that needs to get done.

my blog, i realize, has turned into, recently, a vague account of the mundane things i do everyday. sorry. i'm really busy getting ready for some big things, but when they come to fruition you'll be the first to know. my current education project should be revealed soon, but the biggest project still has some time to go before we go public.

as far as the next exciting thing on to-do list? we should be travelling to puerta plata on friday to ride the teleferico (cable car) to the top of the mountain and perhaps visit the beach for a few hours since nobody has work! best of all, Aunt Pony (Jenny Lueth) and her new boyfriend should be coming along, too. we love that she lives here but don't get to see her nearly as often as we like.

we've also got some room painting projects and some arts and crafts. so don't worry - we're not all work and no play here. just taking it one day at a time!

hope you're having a great week.

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Erin said...

I adore that Samil is such a good helper! You'll have to be around when I have kids so you can help me teach them to be so tidy!

When are you coming to Chi town? We should scrap together!!!