Friday, February 20, 2009

working it out

i have been so busy the past two weeks and it shows.

yesterday was the first time we mopped our white ceramic floors in a week. and that plant samil found on sunday and then proceeded to pull the dirt out of the pot? just got cleaned up last night. and i'm going to be real honest.

it wasn't me doing the cleaning.

the dust on the bookshelves was thick - i wiped it down with a cloth yesterday. changed sheets, swept the bedrooms. i even sprayed down the kitchen in an attempt to make it at least look presentable.

but, there's still a huge box of donated books on the coffee table that has since monday acquired a number of samil's little people toys and picture frames from the tv stand. a pile of samil's old clothes ready for donation but not at all organized. the clean clothes waiting since the weekend to be hung up and/or ironed.

it's a mess.

but, this busy has been so good it's worth the dirty house and the occasional snide comment from visitors.

we're preparing here for the future. talking about moving into a house and maybe getting a dog and looking at some work possibilities for me that are really exciting. the work is really what is consuming me. i've got two new private students and a new group of adults. i have been writing and re-writing and practicing the curriculum i use in the school to make it more comprehensive and worthwhile for my students and there's a very fun possibility for next school year that will allow me to begin samil's education more formally (not sure how that looks yet, whether it be homeschool or a more formal preschool) and contribute more financially to our family while working the same amount of hours as now. a lot of planning a lot of collaboration until it happens, but one of those projects that is worth the process, i think.

all of that said. i am trying to re-learn time management skills, self motivation and still get enough sleep. i've been battling, apparently, a pretty nasty urinary infection that i didn't even know i had, but now that i'm on medication feel 100% better. i had blamed my lethargy on the busy-ness but now i know it was something else! i will try to keep you all more up to date on the things going on around here, too. pictures are still in the camera but not nearly enough (note to self: more pictures).

have a wonderful weekend!

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