Saturday, February 21, 2009

dehydration and our budget...

i'm a water drinker. hardcore water drinker, actually. if i could handle going pee every three seconds, i'd probably polish off a 5-gallon bottle a day. as it is, we - as three adults and one baby - go through one every TWO days. and mostly the guys aren't here.

i like iced tea, too, but i've not really been a juice drinker in recent history.

until last month when we all got sick with that nasty, nasty stomach virus and it repeated itself with some mild food poisoning last weekend and the doctor told me to drink gatorade.

i never knew the joys of gatorade for regular drinking. when i was walking way more than i do now and jogging and generally getting sweaty to take better care of myself, i drank gatorade. always orange or yellow and only one little bottle after exercise.

see, gatorade is SUPER expensive here.
and since the doctor only "prescribed" it for the now long-gone stomach bug, it doesn't really fit into my budget to drink, oh, i don't know two bottles a day for the past week or so. but i'm like an addict and i'm going to have to wean myself off of this one.

slow and steady. and with the extra cash, i'll just buy something useless. like, a new pair of flipflops. (more on that addiction later...)

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