Sunday, February 8, 2009

the old man is snoring...

so, i'm sitting here on a sunday afternoon - trapped in the house for the 6th day in a row. we've had quite the week, a sick baby, twenty-four hour power outage and a break in the water main followed by a defect in the water pump leaving us without water for three days.

and once the madness was over, it started to rain. intermittent downpour and drizzle, but non-stop water falling from the sky.

is it normal to rain the first week in february? who knows. there's no real weather patterns here except that hurricane season begins in june and ends in october - though even that was thrown off course last year when two hurricanes hit in december!

i'm going a little stir-crazy, a small apartment with an even smaller balcony paired with a dirt road under (almost constant) construction is not fun. and samil is starting to feel it, too. he's got a diaper bag that he carries, er, drags to the door and stands there knocking as if someone will answer and let him out.

so, that's it people. that's why i haven't written in awhile. don't worry, though, things are fine here. we're playing new games and samil is really starting to hone in some hilarious skills - like carrying HUGE things across the apartment, putting on his own sandals, getting naked and coloring on my walls. (he's had quite a few time outs this week for that one).

i've got some pictures on the camera, but amalio had to take it to some schoolthing today so i can't upload them today, but i'll do it soon so you can see all the great things going on. have a great week!

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slayer7875 said...

Don't worry my little girl we will be there soon enough. I can't wait to spend time with my two little baby's.