Tuesday, February 10, 2009

da da da da da, i'm lovin' it.

to break up the monotony of rain, rain and more rain we decided to go to mcdonald's on sunday night. i'm not sure it was the best idea, considering it was, well, raining and mickey d's is apparently the choice hang out of rich, obnoxious college kids.

it struck me as somewhat funny how mcd's was the choice hangout in middle school, in high school it was okay to hang out after a game or show - but in college we wouldn't be caught dead there. perhaps if there had been a 24 hour one close to school it would have beat out the local greasy spoon, but i doubt it.

i realized that things happen in crazy order here. i mean, the whole social strata as we know is warped. thirteen year olds drink beer in moderation at family parties and music concerts but 21 year olds hang out in fast-food joints. high school kids stay out til crazy hours but college kids are tucked in bed at 9.

it's weird, but i kinda like it.

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Melissa said...

That is ironic - and somewhat refreshing. I remember thinking that children behaved so differently when I was in Spain - they went along with their families to dinner at 9pm and would wander around the restaurant while the parents ate, but not in a mischievous or disobedient manner; they would just walk the aisles between the tables. It made the whole atmosphere so different from the majority of American restaurants, where children aren't welcome - mainly, because they usually wind up screaming their brains out the whole time.