Monday, February 23, 2009

his new favorite things...

besides the stapler and pink pearl erasers, samil loves crayons and writing on the walls. he likes books, but is not particularly interested in being read to. he also, thankfully, is not too into the tv. he likes barney in short bursts and hi-5 beyond that, he could care less.

he loves babies in the sense that he likes to look at them and point at them, "talk" to them. but after one minute, he's ready to move on.

he love balloons and balls and especially loves to "play catch" with a stupid green tennis ball he's got. he is very helpful - he helps his dad take out the trash and he NEEDS his own bag to carry to the dumpster, helps me make the bed in the morning and "sweeps" with the dust brush when we're sweeping.

he loves to talk on the phone and ride bikes. he doesn't actually have a bike, but our neighbor does and when he goes to visit, it's the first thing he looks for. she, of course, hates it, but what can ya do? they did lend him one of the push bikes that he loves, too.
he's a climber and is getting more and more daring everyday. he likes to hang from the railings on the balcony and play in the dirt from the plants. we'd like to expand our gardening so that he can have an outlet for some of that mess making, but right now it's more of a pain in the butt.

here he is covered in dirt from playing, marker from coloring and spaghetti from lunch.
LOVES that pink bike.
he also loves crackers and sitting on the couch. we got him a new chair that is "samil sized" that he loves, too, but it's being painted right now.