Saturday, April 11, 2009

and we're off...

samil caught the bug on saturday - a not so nice day filled with vomit and diarrhea, but luckily he was better on sunday when my parents arrived. unfortunately, i was not.

after me, it hit amalio and then, while at the resort, my mom and then my dad - apparently whose internal organs were shutting down and he would soon die. this morning his stomach was better but he, uh, caught a head cold and was still dying when he left. and as soon as we returned from 4 days of sun and fun samil re-caught the bug and woke up yesterday and today covered in poop.

despite the bug, though, the beach was great. i read two books, swam in the ocean and the pool, saw some really bad resort-shows and ate and drank and didn't even have to think about cooking it or clean it up. heaven.

we dyed easter eggs and had a hunt last night with our neighbors which was fun and then we played uno.

today my parents are leaving and we're headed straight from the airport to the campo to visit amalio's parents until tomorrow.

i've got some pictures i'll post when we get back and some anecdotes from the beach (and surely from the farm today). have a happy easter everyone.

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