Wednesday, April 22, 2009


the dominican news is distinctly different from news in the states. it's not really sensational, and very little is censored. people die in the middle of the street and the dead body, blood, gore and open wounds are blasted across the tv, corpses in the coffin are thrown up so everyone can see, make sure that the person really is dead.

a bigger difference though is that any victim of a horrid crime is often put on tv. kidnapping? doesn't matter how much money the parents have. murder? not just drug dealers and politicians.

while petty crime is rampant, these graver crimes still grab attention. they still get the attention necessary for people to know about them.

i talked to my friend yesterday who told me the most disturbing story i've heard. ever. a mutual friend from childhood - they're related somehow - had gotten into some problems. serious alcohol problems. and his girlfriend was a pill-popper. and together they had a 4-year old girl. the parents were fighting for custody of said girl, accusing the parents of neglect.

well. in a show of parental ego, mom crushed up some xanex and gave it to her daughter. then killed herself. two wasted lives.

what's worse? i've been looking for something. anything. about what happened. no news story. not even in the local, sensationalistic newspaper. not even an obit. for the baby. for mom, yes, for baby? nothing!

what happened to the press that this baby doesnt' deserve something? some recognition for her tragic little life? her innocence outweighs, i think, her parents' downfalls. and since i think her story should be told, there you are. these things happen more than you'd think. rest in peace precious girl.

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