Thursday, April 23, 2009

entrenamiento de los esfincteres.

that's how you say potty training in spanish.

sphincter training.

it sounds gross. and unnatural.

though it is a little more acurate than "potty training."

yesterday we officially began. the seat was purchased last week and once i realized that he knew what it was for - as evidenced by him finding a roll of toilet paper under the sink and tearing off little pieces to put inside; pulling down his diaper to sit down on it; closing it and carrying it to the bathroom to use as a stool to wash his hands - we decided to put the chair in the bathroom and get to work.

i'm not expecting him to get it too quickly, but if i can get him at least mostly out of those hot diapers before the summer heat gets here (tomorrow) i'll be good to go.

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Icculus124 said...

that's right. get him trained before i get there.