Friday, April 17, 2009


i'm pretty bad at mornings. it's a good thing samil is not overly-active too early in the morning and still (knock on wood) likes to take an early morning nap. recently though i've been trying to get us into more of a solid routine - you know, one that includes changing our clothes, brushing teeth and eating something more than dry fruit loops for breakfast.

i like french toast, amalio likes hard boiled eggs and samil likes to watch Hi-5. really, the kid could care less what he's eating as long as he's eating. so for the past few days we get up, put the coffee on, change into something that's not pajamas and... i lay in bed hitting the snooze for 20 minutes.

eventually i get up for real. this week we've eaten pancakes everyday because that's what there is... and i'm too lazy to go to the supermarket for other breakfast foods. so, i give samil a little cereal to tide him over and flip the pancakes, thinking he'll eat two. because, really, i just gave him cereal and juice.

today he ate his two pancakes and got on with life. took out his bike, rode around the house and then settled in to watch little einsteins on disney.

until. until his uncle woke up (my brother-in-law lives with us and he's on vacation this week). samil jumps off the couch, runs to the kitchen and snatches the last plate of pancakes off the counter. for a second i thought he was going to give them to his beloved uncle like, "here, look what i got for you, tio!"

except, no. he opened the silverware drawer, took out a fork, plopped down at the table and forced as much pancake in his mouth as humanly possible. and normally the kid is good at sharing. "can i have a piece?" and he'll stick something in your mouth.

well, not today. uncle asks for some to which samil responded by trying to get even more pancake in his mouth.

with some stealth, i stole the plate of pancakes and let samil finish what he had already stuffed in his mouth. washed it down with some water and put him down for that glorious morning nap. because i couldn't really decided whether i should be mad at him for stealing, laugh at him for the hilarity or be embarassed that my kid is a piggy.

he woke up a few minutes ago and is dancing on uncle's bed, sharing everything in sight. repetance? perhaps.

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