Friday, April 3, 2009

bring on the spring.

i hear all about the bad weather up north and... it's days like the recent hailstorm, late snowstorm, freezing temperatures that make me really glad to be here.

in the sun.
and 90 degree weather.

i can handle winter when it's supposed to be winter. but not the beginning of april.

we have our own share of crap weather here - mostly really bad rain storms and crazy weather differences. today it might be 90 and sunny, tomorrow it could be 55 and raining. 55 is not cold, i know, i know, but compare it to a 100 and it is.

all that said. for the past few years we've gone to the beach for spring break and every.single.time it's been almost impossible to swim in the beach because of some bizarre tropical depression in the ocean. what's that mean? beautiful, warm beach weather. nice, cool ocean temperature. with killer waves.

we stay at resorts with pools, but it's just not the same. so far, though, the beaches are still open, just hoping they stay open through next week. samil's never really been in the ocean here because of it. beach, yes. swimming, not so much.

my parents get here on sunday and we head to puerta plata on monday for 4 days of no dishes, no cooking, no cleaning... aren't you jealous?

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Erin said...

Thank you for making me feel even worse about this terrible weather during my spring break! haha I hope you have a fantastic vacation - you deserve it!