Monday, February 13, 2012

sorry, kids, next year you get store-bought valentines

valentine's day is big here. the street floods with people dressed in red shirts, sharing chocolates and celebrating. but, let's be honest, we find a lot of reasons to celebrate here. the whole month of february is one big celebration, with carnaval, independence, and valentines.

samil is in preschool now. i've been pretty run-down with other stuff, but i figured a good way to set apart some crafty time with him was to plan out some home-made valentine's cards. i found what i thought would be the least time consuming (i hate cutting) on pinterest and bought some supplies (red poster board and lollipops) and pulled some scrapbook paper out of the closet.

i don't know what i was thinking. this project was all cutting and waiting for samil to write his name, and trying not to freak out when it took him seventeen hours just for the S. i mean, overall he was excited to be able to share with his little friends, so he went fast and willingly.

but next year i'm buying the cards. or printing them out and letting him color.

(these pictures are mainly for the grandmother, but enjoy. it's a simple DIY project... and super cute in the end)

we started with a sdimple butterfly shape, cut out 6 million times. then pasted circles into each corner to make them more colorful. 
Samil wrote his name on the back of each card. this is one of the later ones, the first ones were pretty hilariousl. i still haven't figured out what they're teaching him in school - he knows a few lwvowels (not even all of them) and the first letter of his name. for awhile any word with an s in it was his name!

then, being the patient and meticulous mother that i am, i wrote around the edges "happy friendship and love day"
i used this little die-cutter to cut out the circles. this thing might have saved someone from eyes-poked-out-with-scissors. (or not)

amely glued circles on

samil (mostyly) helpfully cut streips of scarpbook paper to fit in the die-ctuter

way too many butterflies.

but they are pretty cute.


Erin said...

Super cute!!!

Kathy Harker said...

very nice. It's a good memory for them to remind each other of when they are older and talk about the v-day mommy helped make the butterfly cards --- now how they remember it...... A+ for mommy :-)