Thursday, February 9, 2012

homegoods on wheels

i take public transportation every where.
we had a car, a RAV-4,  but after a bad crash, we returned to our roots and do the best we can in the public cars. yes, cars. little ones, stuffed to the brim with people.
i take the same route every day, a straight shot from my house to work and then back again. boring, right?
the city is under construction - seriously, there are men digging everywhere, so my car is detoured.
i saw this gem the other day - a household supplies store on wheels.
we were stopped at a corner when i saw it. the driver laughed at me when i snapped the photo. it looks like they are selling hampers, pillows, sheets, brooms. if you look close, the salesman is stuffed in there on the back.

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