Friday, February 17, 2012


i've sat down at the computer and started about six million blog posts over the past few days, but nothing has come out. nothing good at least.

i'm working. and taking care of the kiddos. and going back to work.
and it seems like we don't ever leave the house except to work.

it's not true, of course, but sometimes i get so bogged down by work and school and samil learning to read and making sure amely isn't jumping off the balcony or swimming in the toilet.

last weekend, for example, i spent time with a coworker friday night and we had a little valentine's celebration for the kids in our little group of english-speaker friends. and this weekend, we're having dinner with friends and probably going to some family day picnic at samil's school. and for some reason, there have been teenagers in and out more than usual these past few weeks. (it's nice. i make them cook). two of my darling boys (from when i worked in the church) are all grown up and came over to play jenga the other day, too.


we live in a beautiful, tropical place. so when everyone is complaining about the cold, the snow and the school days they'll need to make up in june i'm here, in the sun. the nice, hot, caribbean sun. and why live in such a nice place if i never.ever.leave my house?

so, i'm adding to my new year's goals (the ones that already were made way into 2012) to get out of the house more. to soak up the sun and enjoy living in this tropical paradise. and by getting out, i mean more than leaving the house to get to and from work.

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