Thursday, February 23, 2012

out on the street.

 i hate. absolutely hate mornings. really. and somehow i got myself a job last year that requires early mornings. i mean, theoretically, i could work in the afternoons but that messes with the kids' schedules and so, here i am, every morning at the buttcrack of dawn, in a car getting to work. it's hard to fall asleep in the backseat of a  1982 toyota corolla filled to the brim with 87 other people (really only four, but have you even tried four people in the back of a compact from the early 80s?) so in order to keep myself somewhat alert, i take pictures of funny things i see. i've had these trucks on the memory for awhile, and i was just thinking how absurd trucking is here.
 a truck full of tires? nothing to prevent them from flying off the back and hitting the windshield of your car. insane. it took me a long time to get used to driving here, but i still maintain a fair distance from these kinds of vehicles.
i don't know if you can tell from this picture (if you've been here you probably can) but that's a chicken truck. that's right. chickens. live ones. on their ways to the polleras to get feathered and ready for my dinner.
 another tire truck.
 i see a truck similar to this one almost every day. i think that it's the rice shaft, but i'm not too sure. i know it's light and always poorly packed on. the whole truck sways (usually to the right) as it drives and i pray that the driver of my public car goes by really fast so that it doesn't fall on top of us. (so far, i've never seen one down).

the recycling truck. see, recycling doesn't exist formally here. there is no separating of materials and goods and leaving them on the curb for pickup. we're lucky if they pick up the trash. but, glass bottles still fetch a price from the manufacture and plastic bottles are frequently repurposed. so a guy comes around and trash picks what he needs. apparently, there's a need for cardboard and this guy jumped on the next big business opportunity.
also, a mudanza in a pickup truck - who needs a uhaul? or even to pack their stuff in boxes when you're got a pickup and plastic bags? yes, please!


Icculus124 said...

mel, you forgot to talk about the pig truck. i will never forget being behind that over the summer. disgusting...

the Doctor said...

Oh come on I love driving in the DR. Of course anyone who has been married to your mother for so long has to be a little cazy. Love you and I really do miss my baby's