Saturday, December 17, 2011

on why there are no pictures for the next two weeks.

so, i had decided to revamp and revive my blog a few weeks ago. "life in the dominican republic", yes?

armed with my blackberry phone (complete with flash camera) i wandered the city. wait. no. i basically just went about life and took pictures of things that i see. some hilarious. some tragic. some mundane.

all with the intention of knocking down some blog posts while i was here in philadelphia. except. well, i left my memory chip thingy at home and now i can't get those pictures onto the computer. and therefore, my fervent blogging might come to a rest for this break.

or i might get enough stuff to write about from philly. who knows.
but for now, no pictures of the DR unless i get an adaptar memory stick. sorry, people,.

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