Friday, December 30, 2011

photo shoot.

i had a student last semester who dabbles in photography. he's really passionate about it, and wanted some kid pictures... and well, i have two kids. perfect, right? so we headed out to a park one lovely saturday morning and he buttered the kids up and got some amazing shots. i was waiting to put the pictures on here until i got his web links to link it up (in case you're in the DR - cibao/north coast area (he travels)) but i always forgot to get it from him. so here are four of my favorite pictures from the shoot. 
 samil is forever moving around. he would not stop running all morning. in fact, he didn't want his picture taken unless he was running or eating. 

 amely is playful. there weren't any jungle gyms at the park, so she made her own.
there's a moon rock in the middle of this park (if you're in santiago, it's the "parque de los arabes" in la trinitaria, behind the ayuntamiento - the park with the big pyramid with the globe hanging down from it) and samil found a hole to slide rocks through. fun!

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The kids are growing up and are adorable. I am so pleased you have an amazing life in the DR and contiue to make a difference in the world.