Saturday, December 10, 2011

campfire food.

let me tell you, 8 faithful readers, how much i l.o.v.e. food cooked on a fire.

when we go to the river, we take a huge pot and cook rice on the river bed. sometimes even at the beach. and every once and awhile, when my father-in-law was still married, i'd beg a fire-cooked meal when we visited.

it's rustic, for sure. it's a lot of work. especially during the rainy seasons, finding dry wood for the kindling is next to impossible. but it is so worth it.

before we climbed to the top of pico quita espuela, we stopped at the restaurant where we would eat after the climb. the ladies were in the back, in a ranchito, cooking. on. an. open. fire. i considered staying there just to smell the deliciousness.

when things got slippery and sticky on the way down the mountain (my pants were proof of how many times i fell!) i just imagined the smoky, rich flavor of that moro de habichuela negra waiting for me at the bottom. and i don't even usually like black beans and rice!

you've never had delicious until you've eaten like this!

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