Saturday, December 3, 2011


before i got my current job, i did private tutoring. by some weird twist of nature, i ended up being the gringa in the dominican republic tutoring koreans.

there´s actually a fairly large community of koreans living here for all kinds of reasons - missionaries, factory managers, independent business owners. there´s not nearly as many koreans as chinese, but still. it´s a lot.

somehow, i got hooked into the community when i started working independently and they´ve taken care of me and mine ever since. so, when i started at the university, there were certain families, and certain classes i wasn´t ready to give up.

i´ve been working with two lovely characters for a few months now on my breaks at school.

another lovely, fresh from korea, joined our ¨class¨the other day. like many koreans, she has exquisite reading and writing skills but when it comes to expressing ideas orally, she struggles. that´s normal. she´s learning.

so, on our second day of class, i asked her about her family. with a little bit of help from her classmate, she tells me she has an older brother who studies at the university. excellent.

what does he study?

they look at each other. converse some. look in a dictionary. and then.

Kim Yu K looks at me. Dead serious.

¨Mind control.¨

sure don´t wanna meet that brother!

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