Sunday, December 25, 2011

walkin' in the winter...warmth?

look at her hands. this kid is not used to mittens.
 i love fairmount park. there's a creek that runs through this beautiful park with hiking trails and a bridal path. it's such a nice place to walk and there are ducks to feed. and since it's been so warm so far this vacation, we packed up and went back "the crick" on christmas eve for a little walking, a few bags of popcorn for the quack-quacks and visiting with aunt lily.

 samil was so concerned that the geese would not share their popcorn with each other. and when he tried to throw the popcorn to the birds in the water, it just flew away to the "not-sharing" ones on the land.

 after we feed the animals, we took a walk down the bridal path looking for... well, i don't know. i told the kids we were looking for horses, but i don't suppose one goes looking for horses. luckily we did spot one, but when it got close enough for the kids to admire, it spooked and took off.
 we ventured off the path and hiked up a little path next to a small stream. samil wanted to carry all of the sticks that he found on the way and so, of course,did amely.
no snow, but at least we can get out and about this year and see some things. on the list for this week? the zoo, the science museum and the indoor playground (we went last week and the kids loved that, too).

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