Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting things done...

My parents and sister arrive on Sunday morning, so I'm trying to get some last minute cleaning out of the way. Mostly, ridiculous things like cleaning the windows - only to have samil beat on them with his dirty, little fingers as soon as i finished. or, changing samil's sheet to have his diaper leak during his nap. It's true. Twice in one day. What a mess.
so, i'm not really doing much. samil is sleeping and i'm looking at my list of things i could be doing. writing a test, working on my business plan, typing up amalio's review for his 12th graders (all 8th and 12th graders in the country, public and private schooled, have to take national exams that i think are harder than the MCAT) or brainstorming more on the institute's semester evaluation for students and parents. i could also be cleaning my room - its a mess.
but, instead... i took some pictures of samil and this little video of samil banging on my clean windows. now i'm sharing it with all of you.

samil L.O.V.E.S shoes. especially flip-flops. but these sneakers are lookin' pretty good, too. gross. my feet really smell.

i wanted a video of it, but even if i got it, i wouldn't post it because my dad says its mean. samil chased this ball all the way from the living room to the kitchen and back to the dining room until he trapped it on the corner. the beauty of ceramic floors is that everytime samil touches the ball, it rolls away. but like i said, my dad says it's wrong to make him do silly things just for the video.

samil is crawling more normally now, and with great agility, but he still is more like a worm that a cat. he gets himself into this frog position though and laughs alot.
the word crawl in spanish is gatear - which comes from the word gato which means cat. one of those language things i find interesting. comparing babies to cats.

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Buki Family said...

how could they refuse a visa??? He is your husband, he has rights! dont they do spousal visa's there? that is what you need to do. they can't refuse him. maybe you should move to congo for 6 months and then you can apply at our embassy there. you will have the visa within a month