Saturday, March 29, 2008

it's not easy being green... or is it?

our cable provider *StaR Cable Dominicana* offers a lot of english channels. that's actually why we use them and not *AsTer*. we get NBC and ABC, CNN, TBS, TNT, SPIKE, FOX, MTVla, and a ton more. i keep up to date on things that are happening in the states, and we get the best of spanish programming, too.

with earth day right around the corner there's been a lot of stuff going on in spanish and english tv programming. it just makes me laugh how different it is.

i get frustrated with things - like how kids aren't taught to throw things in trashcans (schoolyards often look like landfills after recess) or how teachers are expected to be in charge of the lights and fans... and mostly forget. but there are other things that amaze me. like, the other day i was watching FOX morning news (the one with Mike and Juliette) and they were encouraging people to buy the efficient light bulbs.

i've never, never been in a house where people have regular light bulbs here. it doens't make sense. sure, you pay a lot in the beginning, but the bulb lasts forever and it cuts your electric bill.

turn off the water when you're brushing? always. water costs a lot. especially clean water.
hang your clothes on the line! not a problem for us, we don't even have a drier.
reuse. i've learned how to reuse virtually everything. and since we cook from scratch we often have much less waste than i would have had popping in a microwave dinner or eating takeout.

a lot of our dominican friends laugh - chuckle a little - at how i have to make a conscious effort to be "green." it's easy to be green if you don't have any money. no need to make an effort if it's always been your way of life.

just a thought, i guess, that i needed to air. what do you do to be green? or does it even matter?

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Alli said...

So interesting, I have something similar on my blog right now-something my grandma sent me about how growing up they had no choice but to reuse and conserve things.