Sunday, March 30, 2008

no more worries... here are the pictures

i hijacked the chip from my neighbors' camera... they're worse about sharing pictures than my dad is, so i took advantage that they were here and loaded them up. here are some of my favorites from our impromptu photo shoot for samil's 7 month birthday and sarah's 15 month shoot (they were born in the same hospital, by the same doctor 8 months apart... we've already got them married off)

sarah loves to pet samil's head. he learning how to duck out of the way

in case you still haven't caught on, samil's a ham. he sees a camera and starts posing. sarah is just concerned about samil stealing her toys.

despite it all, samil loves sarah. and she loves him. she screams "Ah---meeeel bay-bay!" and she also tells him "te amo" (i love you) and calls him "amor" (love) he smiles and yells in his baby gibberish when he sees her.

like i said, samil's a ham.
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