Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sundays for Samil

**NoTe** i wrote this post on sunday... then we lost power -- and internet connection... our electricity came back, but the internet did not... so as not to wait a whole week to post, just pretend that today is sunday.

i've been a pretty sporadic poster lately. i started this blog as a way to continue my communication with friends and family in the states - mostly because i'm really bad at email. when i was in the church, i would send out updates and occasionally after amalio and i got married i sent them out. life in another country is new. not always exciting but often interesting.
all that said, i started the blog to continue the updates without clogging in-boxes. i'm sure all of my faithful readers (who i think include at least one more person than my brother and parents) are interested in the new things - but i know that at the very least two of those faithful readers who i call mom and dad are more interested in pictures and news about samil. so, i have decided that sundays are for samil. pictures, videos and news. that's not saying samil isn't going to make more appearances on the page. i'm just saying that i'm going to make a conscious effort to post every sunday. so if the week gets busy and i can't get around to i can assure some treat to begin the week.
so. here. we. go.

Samil loves oranges. Usually we put them in his little sucker-thing, but he uncle Isaias didn't know that, popped out the seeds and we all enjoyed watching samil go to town.

samil loves crackers. when he's not feeling well he loves the bobo. he was teething the day we took this picture and just couldn't decide which he wanted more - the crackers or the pacifier.

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