Sunday, March 30, 2008

Samil's Seven Month Stats.

so it's sunday. and as i promised before, it's sunday for samil. unfortunately i don't have any really new pictures to post - we took a bunch on friday night, but with our friends' camera and amalio snapped some the other day, but cara borrowed our camera to take some pictures of nestor's paintings.
i don't even have samil's stats. i still haven't found a pediatrician that i like, and i refuse to sit in the clinic's peds department for hours to have a doctor tell me that samil is healthy, how much he weighs, how long he is and how absolutely large his head is. i already know that stuff. i also refuse to have someone tell me that samil needs, that right, needs formula becuase it has - wait for it- more nutrients than breastmilk. yes, friends, a doctor told me my milk was not good enough for my son. a doctor. one that samil won't ever see again.
i just don't agree with stupidity.
so if you're thinking samil sunday is a bust today and i'm not going to get you up to date... well, think again
samil is currently weighing in at 19.5 lbs. i weighed him on the baggage scale in the airport when my parents were leaving. i figure it might be a pound heavier but it seems right on the mark.
he's crawling. and eating. and by eating, i don't mean nibbling every once in a while on some baby puree. no no, samil eats. and a lot. everything. we haven't yet found something he's not fond of.
he stands if we put him up and stays put as long as he's got something to hold onto. and he takes steps if he's holding hands. what else? samil has the most amazing belly laugh which he shares with anyone who: a) dances for him, b) tickles him or c) throws him in the air.
and a picture. just for fun. love you all. have a great week.

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