Saturday, March 22, 2008

winding down

holy week vacations always seem too short. there's always so much to do in the precious few days we get. compared to christmas break it just seems like a rip-off sometimes. we started with a new tooth - one i was eager to have pop through before my parents and sister arrived for cacation. we've been lucky with samil's teeth - a little whiny, a little fever but nothing severe - nonetheless a whiny, teething baby is not one you want to take to the beach. we headed to an all inclusive resort on the north coast of the island. we spent three days laying poolside - poolside because the waves at the beach were 15feet tall. we made a short trip to cabrera to meet amalio's sister's newest arrival and then spent the last two and a half days here in santiago. my dad built me some shelves for our pantry and laundry room and we visited the monument and cathedral - both big tourist draws for the city.
it was a good week - tiring, long - but good. i'm ready to get back to work, get samil back into his routines and start working on more solid plans for my institute.

aunt lizzie and samil - trying out his new sunglasses
samil at the pool with grandpop

samil ate so much this week. seriously, he probably gained 2 pounds.

this is me with casmeri - amalio's newest neice. she's a month and a half.

me, ayendy and elizabeth at the monument infront of a statue called: Campesino Guererrilla (Guerilla fightter)

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Buki Family said...

i wanna visit! Liam gained 1 lb last week. i was so shocked. almost 12 lbs at 5 and half weeks!